My name is Suzy and I have been fascinated with spiritual awakening all my life. I went through a very serious illness many years ago and it totally changed my life.

What you will find on this website

On this website, you will find cutting-edge information about spirituality, manifestation, the law of attraction, and positive affirmations.

I believe that we can influence our lives to a large degree by choosing to have positive things in our life.

Nurturing our spiritual wellbeing is included in our daily habits that can benefit even the busiest professionals. We know you’re already following countless blogs (hopefully including PassionHappinessSecret, but your spiritual life influences your personal and professional life in significant ways.

Along the way towards spiritual freedom, a lot of different changes and transformations tend to happen. Some of those include. a calmer mind, clarity on how to live consciously after a spiritual awakening, a more open heart, and a greater understanding of spiritual truth and how it applies to everyday living.

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Thanks again for stopping by and all the very best!